torsdag den 6. marts 2014

I deserved it!

Theres a lot of things i think i do and don't deserve but it took me some time to actually figure out what i actually deserved and what i just greedily wanted. Do i deserve this donut or do i just greedily want it? Well, i did walk 6miles so i think i deserve eating it.  
Currently working for one of the worst companies I've ever been in, with an owner who is more concerned with hiring good looking foreign guys than actually people who can work and teach english. Giving the biggest salary to the person who is the furthest up her butt and not giving a shit about the co-workers who have been loyally working there for more than 10 years. Sex discrimination, lies, broken promises, low salary, unpaid overwork and attack on my appearance. The list goes on but i would then have to get into details which i rather keep to myself. Did i deserve this job? Talking to my other co-workers i realised i wasn't the only one getting mistreated and i started to question myself wether i was being greedy and unfair for being unsatisfied. This company did give me a visa and did make it possible for me to stay for another year in Japan which i was more than grateful for, but how much did i owe them for that? 
Truly blessed with friends that could introduce me to other jobs that made me realise that i did deserve more than this bullshit i have been through for 6 months and i finally quit. Having my last day at that place gave me so much satisfaction despite the fact that i will miss the hell out of those kids and i wasn't able the tell the real reason to the parents why i was leaving because that would put the company in a bad light. Even though i don't give a shit about that company i was constantly being watched every time i was saying goodbye to the parents. I also found it extremely hard to put on a straight face when my co-workers despite getting the same mistreatment and getting payed minimum wage even though they have been working there for more than 10 years didn't understand why i was leaving and why i was unsatisfied. Made me want to shake them so hard that some sense might come back to them but they were totally brainwashed and lacking of dreams and hopes. 

Well i guess i showed not only them but myself that i do deserve more than this. Soon starting in a new company with a salary and training i believe i deserve. Now i just have to prove to them that i deserved getting this job just as much as i deserved eating these delicious cakes.

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  1. I'm glad you also got out of that job,
    it seriously wasn't worth it.
    Again, congrats on your new job :]