lørdag den 1. marts 2014

New Year, New Start, New Challenges

Picture taken by Jeremy Goldberg

I deleted all my old blogposts as i'm trying out this new thing being creative and shit. I'm surrounded by all these creative people that inspires me to explore and hopefully find some hidden talents within myself. I don't know how it will turn out and i will probably regret deleting all the memories that used to be written here but new stuff needs new beginnings and I'm honestly too much of an lazy ass to make a new blog. 
I have been living in Tokyo for about a year and 6 months and everything still seems so unbelievable and unreal. What used to be a silly teenage dream of mine to live in Asia has become a reality. It doesn't feel like a vacation anymore. For a whole year i have been in a paradise world of partying, traveling around Japan, meeting people without having to deal with the daily life worries but things has come to an end and now life has become real. Even though I'm still an alien here I've started to call this place my home. I have a full time job, hopefully soon an apartment, a boyfriend and a small steady group of friends i meet with once a week to talk about life. To be honest life is scary here and to stop myself from going insane with frequent panic attacks i keep myself from thinking about the future. The whole visa deal sucks, job hunting sucks, not being able to speak fluent Japanese sucks and the whole ordeal just gives you the biggest insecure feelings since I'm not 100% sure wether I'm still are going to be able to live here next year. I guess thats the challenge life has given me and I've decided to take it. Thats why i have decided i wanted to record and document the challenge I've taken not only for myself but i want to share it with family, friends and even strangers. Who knows i might be able to inspire people close and far from me to take upon their own challenges in life wether they are small or big. Just knowing that its possible is just such a great inspiration to at least try it out. As my motto in life says its okay to fail, but never give up
I want to start blogging again just as a start and maybe get into putting together some small videos. The videos are still on trial base since it takes more work and more time and somehow when it comes to things like that I'm an perfectionist or at least never satisfied.

2014 lets do this! 

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